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zombieapocalypsefitness_smA not doctor recommended or approved approach to getting in shape to survive an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse. Get fit. Keep healthy. Stay alive.

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In Case of Survival is dedicated to all the seemingly trivial aspects of post-apocalyptic living. From the best way to build a survival shelter to which shoes to wear, we have the information wrapped up with a healthy dose of dark humour.

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Definition: Necropology (n. neh-crow-pol-o-gee)

1. The scientific study of all things related to the undead and zombies.
2. The home of internationally recognized zombie experts: The Madore Brothers.

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nfza_smA blog dedicated to thoughts and musings from the Zombie Wasteland.

No prepping, just picturing what life will be like…

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We believe in planning for the worst while hoping for the best. If you are prepared for a total societal collapse, then you are surely prepared for anything that falls short of it. Our purpose here is to provide information to individuals and families so they may make preparations to provide for their safety in any disaster situation.

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suzukukalypse_smThis is a blog about building an urban/zombie survival machine, starting with one of the most capable vehicles ever made, a Suzuki Samurai.

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bluecollarprepper_smThe Blue Collar Prepper is a project to help working families prepare for a post-collapse world in ways they can afford, preparing and adapting sustainably now and in an uncertain future.

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The Girls Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse is a group blog of female writers and artists sharing their assorted wisdom on how best to approach the end of the world. Mixing cocktails, an armaggedon playlist and articles and art on everything from what shoes are best in a zombie attack to digging for when the canned goods run out.

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the_knowledge_smThe Knowledge is a new book by science-writer Lewis Dartnell ( Using a post-apocalyptic scenario as the starting point for a thought experiment, the book discusses what would be the crucial science and technology to avert another Dark Ages and help society recover from scratch as rapidly as possible: a guide for rebooting civilization itself. Explore the website for further detail and join the conversation on the book’s Discussion page – what information do YOU think would be the most crucial to preserve…?

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Zombie Reaction Force is on membership based organization that focuses on Zombie eradication and more importantly, community involvement.

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