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The Cleansed is a free post-oil apocalyptic drama podcast set fifteen years after the depletion of the world’s oil reserves and the massive unrest that followed. It follows the story of John Prophet, an ex-soldier who has never given up the fight, as he tries to rally a force to fight the totalitarian “New Republic” whose oppressive forces shadow old New York. John’s journey takes him to rural Maine, where two youths who have grown up in an off-grid Refuge are the only ones willing to heed his desperate warnings. With trouble on their heels, the three set off on an uncertain path fraught with grim survivalists, rugged individuals, religious maniacs and dangers of nature that have grown up in this strange land.

This lush “mind movie” features over 30 actors, was recorded on locations through Southern Maine and features an original score and the production talents of award-winning producer Fred Greenhalgh (winner of Mark Time and Ogle Awards for audio drama). Called “epic” by BBC Radio 4 Producer by John Dryden and “At the forefront of the American scene” by Irish playwright Roger Gregg.

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Algarothsyum is an atmospheric black/death metal solo project, based on a post-apocalyptic survival story line. The project currently has a 5-track demo (released May 2011) available for download at the pages listed below. The sole member, Vhyle, is currently recording the first full length album. The album will start the saga of the protagonist’s survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland setting. Fans of any form of extreme metal, and the post-apocalyptic genre, should highly enjoy Algarothsyum’s music.

The project currently has several active web pages – Facebook, ReverbNation, Intonation, Twitter, and Google+ (new). Facebook and ReverbNation are the most active, most frequently updated pages.

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