exitzero_smEver wonder how New Jersey would handle the zombie apocalypse?

Ponder no more as Exit Zero has just been released. Exit Zero is a self-published illustrated novel that follows a series of characters as they try to escape their fate by traveling down the Garden State Parkway during the first 48 hours of the Zombie Apocalypse.

While writing Exit Zero, the author spoke with experts from the World Health Organization, NATO, United Nations, FEMA, and the DoD, as well medical personnel and scientists to create a scenario which is both realistic and takes a fresh look at the zombie genre.

Whether you love zombies or fear them, and whether you love New Jersey, or fear it; you will love Exit Zero.

And honestly, didn’t you always know the apocalypse would begin in New Jersey.

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mutantepoch_smThe Mutant Epoch website is the hub for everything related to the game, including art and fiction. This site is divided into a public section and a member’s only password protected area for Society of Excavators participants. The public portion features tons of artwork, reviews, previews, samples and other content to help post-apocalyptic game fans get a better idea of what The Mutant Epoch is all about.

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The Living Challenged or Three Days of the Living Challenged, is a graphic novel which has fun in the zombie genre. It’s a story about the undead who save the world. Zombies saving the world you scream in disbelief. Yes, zombies save the world. Well, of course there has to be a zombie apocalypse first.

Three Days of the Living Challenged is a mixed color/black & white graphic novel, being published online for everyone, which explores the human condition through the point of view of our living challenged hero Marc. It looks at the crazy things people do for eternal life, for money and control over the ultimate prize, the world. Through humor, poking fun at big business and the power of social networking, Three Days of the Living Challenged takes a walk on the zombie side and looks at what we would do with our world if given the chance for eternal life, or is that eternal death?

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This is the online home of The Ending, a developing post-apocalyptic book series with a dystopian twist. After a virus decimates the world’s population, Dani and Zoe journey from opposite sides of the country in search of some remnant of civilization. Through their eyes we see how they and their friendship survive after The Ending.

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