The Shattered Earth Saga is a blog I started to accompany a new series of novels I am undertaking. The story revolves around the crew of a deep space exploration vessel that returns to Earth three centuries after a virus and series of wars destroys the world as they knew it. After crash landing back on Earth, the crew must survive in the harsh new reality that is the Shattered Earth!

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Fargone is a self-contained universe taking place in 2125 at the edge of the great plains. Frankly, this project has spiraled out of control and includes everything from rules for roleplaying, descriptions of dimension-bending equipment, a poker-like card game, high-crime adventure scenerios, and a lengthy imagined history complete with conspiracies and assassination plots. And sociopath cyborgs. While it’s fun producing audio recordings of near-future villains, it’d probably be better to use this fiction to better understand ourselves and prevent Fargone from ever truly existing…

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The site for the apocalyptic trilogy The American Book of the Dead – Part I, II, and III (not yet completed). The novels have been compared to Philip K. Dick and Robert Anton Wilson.

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The post-apocalyptic blog brings you reviews and discussions about media such as games, books and movies dealing with the end of the world as we know it and the struggle for survival of the remaining people.

Goal is to create an archive of worthwhile media which is both entertaining and preparing for a scenario where a world has been changed by a nuclear war, a deadly disease or a natural disaster.

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Dystopische Literatur rezensiert ausschließlich Katastrophenromane sowie anti-utopische/dystopische und postapokalyptische Werke. Wir informieren über aktuelle Neuerscheinungen aus den Genres und liefern umfangreiche Hintergundinformationen zu relevanten Themen.

Dystopische Literatur is a German blog featuring reviews of dystopian, apocalyptic and postapocalyptic books. It gives information on these literary genres and informs about new releases.

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