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apocalypticworld_smEarth has become an outlaw world after a nuclear crisis. Now all that remains are a few cities, trying to group up, this is now a wild world. Can you stand for it?

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dawn2055_smDawn 2055 is an apocalyptic browser game set in year 2055 in the radioactive wastelands of Nevada and California.

Sandbox and player driven environment allows many different activities ranging from scavenging and crafting items to fighting dangerous bosses and conquering towns built by other players.

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donteatthefish_smDon’t eat the fish is a self contained world in conjunction with a graphical, text based RPG game with settlement management elements that is currently under development.

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Chaos Realms is an apocalyptic game set in a not too distant future, in the aftermath of a great war that nearly destroyed the earth. Magic has returned to the earth, along with an invading army of demonic beings from the realms of chaos. Mankind must face their demons before all humanity is lost.

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A Bestiary for Mutant Futures, Gamma Worlds, and Assorted Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands.

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