The Living Challenged or Three Days of the Living Challenged, is a graphic novel which has fun in the zombie genre. It’s a story about the undead who save the world. Zombies saving the world you scream in disbelief. Yes, zombies save the world. Well, of course there has to be a zombie apocalypse first.

Three Days of the Living Challenged is a mixed color/black & white graphic novel, being published online for everyone, which explores the human condition through the point of view of our living challenged hero Marc. It looks at the crazy things people do for eternal life, for money and control over the ultimate prize, the world. Through humor, poking fun at big business and the power of social networking, Three Days of the Living Challenged takes a walk on the zombie side and looks at what we would do with our world if given the chance for eternal life, or is that eternal death?

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Wasteland 101 is here to bring you the most raw, unfiltered glimpse into life in the wasteland. If you’re new to this god forsaken, desolate landscape, look no further. We’re here to provide you with all the useless information the worldwide wasteland has to offer.

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Covering the Apocalypse and the Post-Apocalypse in movies & television, books, video games, news stories, products, prophecies, and fashion as well as, news on disaster preparedness and survivalism by K. Scott Bradbury, author of “The Post-Apocalyptic Primer”

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Web site for Daily Show/Conan writer, Rob Kutner’s, best-selling book “APOCALYPSE HOW: Turn the End Times into the Best of Times!” – the only guidebook that shows you how the end of the world will be the best thing to ever happen to humanity.

APOCALYPSE HOW is a comprehensive cataclysmic guide that walks you through the Nine Most Likely World-Ending Scenarios, and provides useful and inspiring advice on every aspect of surviving (and thriving!) in the new world to come. Covering everything from food, shelter, and relocation to social life, dating, recreation and career, APOCALYPSE HOW is the only book you’ll need – and just might be the last one left at all.

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