the_knowledge_smThe Knowledge is a new book by science-writer Lewis Dartnell ( Using a post-apocalyptic scenario as the starting point for a thought experiment, the book discusses what would be the crucial science and technology to avert another Dark Ages and help society recover from scratch as rapidly as possible: a guide for rebooting civilization itself. Explore the website for further detail and join the conversation on the book’s Discussion page – what information do YOU think would be the most crucial to preserve…?

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wastelandweekend_smJoin over a thousand fans coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert for a four-day post-apocalyptic festival.  Set up camp at our wasteland compound, surrounded by specially-built sets.  Costumes are required and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged.  Live for four days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies, beyond the grip of so-called civilization.

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Afterdays Media is interested in examining our contemporary culture in the past tense. An archaeological perspective – created by decay or extinction – can be used to examine us, as well as those who came before us.

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apocalypse_trousers_smApocalypse Trousers is back and will be better than ever. The general topic of the blog is Post Apocalypse fiction and games, however there will be a lot of reviews of film, books, games and other related topics. New features include Ladies of the Wastes and The Future isn’t What it Used to Be.

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Wasteland 101 is here to bring you the most raw, unfiltered glimpse into life in the wasteland. If you’re new to this god forsaken, desolate landscape, look no further. We’re here to provide you with all the useless information the worldwide wasteland has to offer.

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Algarothsyum is an atmospheric black/death metal solo project, based on a post-apocalyptic survival story line. The project currently has a 5-track demo (released May 2011) available for download at the pages listed below. The sole member, Vhyle, is currently recording the first full length album. The album will start the saga of the protagonist’s survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland setting. Fans of any form of extreme metal, and the post-apocalyptic genre, should highly enjoy Algarothsyum’s music.

The project currently has several active web pages – Facebook, ReverbNation, Intonation, Twitter, and Google+ (new). Facebook and ReverbNation are the most active, most frequently updated pages.

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