grahamsresolution_smWhat the world dreads most has happened – a mutated avian flu pandemic has ravaged the global population. Whether accidental or intentional, only two percent of the population has survived. In the Pacific Northwest, a dying mother recognizes that her young child is among the immune. What will she do to ensure his survival before her own death? Meanwhile, as natural predators invade urban areas, Graham has buried his last remaining family member and promised to carry out his father’s advice to make it to the family cabin. He meets with triumph and tragedy learning new rules along the way. Just when he thinks he’s finally got a handle on this new world, he’s taken by surprise, as he learns he’s not alone. A hidden community of Preppers are nearby. Will he find the strength to escape these dangers and go on living? And more importantly, will he have the ability to protect those he’s come to trust?

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jtsawyer_smPost-Apocalyptic Fiction and Survival Skills by Author JT Sawyer.

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exitzero_smEver wonder how New Jersey would handle the zombie apocalypse?

Ponder no more as Exit Zero has just been released. Exit Zero is a self-published illustrated novel that follows a series of characters as they try to escape their fate by traveling down the Garden State Parkway during the first 48 hours of the Zombie Apocalypse.

While writing Exit Zero, the author spoke with experts from the World Health Organization, NATO, United Nations, FEMA, and the DoD, as well medical personnel and scientists to create a scenario which is both realistic and takes a fresh look at the zombie genre.

Whether you love zombies or fear them, and whether you love New Jersey, or fear it; you will love Exit Zero.

And honestly, didn’t you always know the apocalypse would begin in New Jersey.

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stevenkonkoly_smHome to Steven Konkoly’s Apocalyptic and Thriller Fiction, blog and book reviews.

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Feature length micro budget post-apocalyptic thriller. Adapt and overcome!

In the near future, a virus of unknown origin spreads across the globe at an unprecedented speed. Life is on the brink as societies begin to crumble under the pressure of a worldwide economical collapse.
9 months later.

Humanity is in mere thousands. What is left is forced to survive in this hostile new environment with one choice, self-sacrifice or self-preservation.

After finding signs of a boat to a ‘clear zone’, Addison, a late teenager, leads his younger sister, Kate, to the coast. The two fight through starvation as they make their way across a desolate landscape. With towns and cities controlled by gangs, the constant threat of infection, agonising hunger and mysterious plumes of smoke, Addison is forced to make the most primal of decisions to keep himself and his sister alive.

ANATHEMA promises to be a jaw-clenchingly tense post-apocalyptic thriller that will set the bar for British Micro-Budget Independent film.

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Clemens P. Suter is the author of adventure, fantasy and crime stories. He currently has two books in print: CELETERRA and TWO JOURNEYS – and is working on his third and fourth novels.

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The Undisputed King Of Nothing is an ongoing comic book series set several months after a global pandemic has wiped out the vast majority of the human race. Seen through the eyes of who is so far the only survivor, it will focus on life in England through the weeks and months following.

Issue one, Goodbye To All That, is now available. Issue two, Under The Sea Wind, is currently being written.

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