unchainedpreppers_smUnchainedPreppers will strive to collect, disseminate and archive self-reliant information to enable like-minded people to become more independent in their daily lives and for any natural or man-made disaster in the future. This will be accomplished through:

– Openly sharing information amongst this on line community regardless of levels of experience and knowledge, which will be archived for current and future UnchainedPreppers to come,

– Through fellowship, discuss our daily prepping challenges and current events with like-minded people, which in turn will,

– Help UnchainedPreppers to throw off the chains of reliance we have allowed to gather around our everyday lives.

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suzukukalypse_smThis is a blog about building an urban/zombie survival machine, starting with one of the most capable vehicles ever made, a Suzuki Samurai.

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Suzukalypse's latest items:

Information about the upcoming novel series, Up From the Depths, an apocalyptic/zombie/horror genre plus other basic information about preparedness, survival and interviews with other authors that write in this genre.

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Crossroads: The Up From the Depths Saga's latest items:
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Survivalist social network community dedicated to survivalists, preppers, and beginners… Learn, share knowledge, and help teach preparedness for survival!

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